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what is Body Contouring?

The term "body contouring" is one that is regularly used in the plastic surgery industry to describe a series of procedures that can be employed to create a more curvaceous figure. Those who have recently lost weight, or whose weight has fluctuated over the years, may be interested in a body contouring procedure at Bloomfield Plastic Surgery to minimize fat, sculpt the body, and tighten the skin. Additionally, body contouring can be used for women and men who have found that diet and exercise are no longer providing the results they desire. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Julio Sosa provides a number of body contouring options from breast lift surgery, abdominoplasty, and liposuction to fat transfers and laser skin tightening treatments. The options for redefining and rejuvenating your physique are endless. Contact our office in West Bloomfield, MI to schedule your consultation.

What Are The Benefits of Body Contouring?

Body contouring procedures performed at Bloomfield Plastic Surgery include a variety of customizable treatment options and plans that can help you attain the figure you’ve always dreamed of. Additional benefits of body contouring provided by Dr. Sosa include:

  • Surgical and nonsurgical choices
  • Removal of hard-to-eliminate areas of fat
  • A more toned appearance that accentuates natural curves
  • Many parts of the body can be treated
  • Tightens areas of loose skin
  • Can renew areas where volume loss has occurred
  • Results are likely to be long-lasting
  • The effects look and feel natural

am i a candidate for body contouring?

You may be an ideal candidate for body contouring if you have sagging skin, deflated body parts (such as the breasts or buttocks), or fat in areas where it is hard to lose. The abdomen, lower back, hips, flanks, and neck are all areas where fat can collect, creating unwanted bulges. Good candidates for body contouring are men and women who maintain a healthy weight and want a tighter, more sculpted body.

how does body contouring work?

During your consultation, Dr. Sosa will design a customized body contouring treatment plan for you. This plan can consist of both surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Surgeries, like liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast lift or augmentation, usually require general anesthesia. The goal during these treatments is to create very small incisions that can be concealed by undergarments while reducing undesired fat and extra skin, revealing a smoother, thinner body. Nonsurgical procedures are usually performed at Bloomfield Plastic Surgery without sedation. These procedures include injectable fillers and Emsculpt®.

how long is recovery after body contouring?

If your body contouring treatment plan includes a surgical procedure, you will be sent home to heal and recuperate upon completion. Nonsurgical procedures do not typically require a recovery period. It is common for patients to combine several surgical procedures on several body parts, which can require an overnight stay. Body contouring is designed to reshape the body so whether you choose surgical or nonsurgical procedures or both, you will notice a tighter, thinner body and a sexier figure.

Body contouring FAQs

Is body contouring safe?

There is always some risk associated with any surgical procedure, but today's cutting-edge tools and technologies have made body contouring procedures very safe. Bloomfield Plastic Surgery will review what to expect based on the treatment chosen and make sure you are as comfortable and confident as possible during the process.

What causes excess fat and loose skin?

There are many reasons why people have excess fat deposits and loose skin, including pregnancy, genetics, and natural aging. In many of these cases, traditional diet and exercise may not be enough to achieve your desired results. This is why body contouring procedures in Bloomfield, MI, can be such an effective solution.

Will my body contouring results look natural?

We understand that everyone has a unique vision for their ideal body, which is why we take the time to get to know each of our patients and their goals during an assessment. Rest assured that your outcomes will look natural and proportionate to the rest of your body. Our patients often remark on how confident and amazing they feel after treatment.

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remake and Redefine Your Shape

If you wish you had larger breasts, a fuller bottom, a smaller waist, or a tighter midsection, body contouring at Bloomfield Plastic Surgery can help you achieve the shape you dream of. Contact our West Bloomfield, MI facility and schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Julio Sosa. Together, we can discuss your goals and design an individualized plan just for you. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

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