How to Know Which Facelift Technique Is Right for You

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Over time, our skin begins to show advanced signs of aging, like sagging skin and hollow areas. This can impact our self-confidence and make us feel less attractive. Fortunately, different facelift techniques are available at Bloomfield Plastic Surgery to address a wide range of issues.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Julio M. Sosa may recommend one of several types of facelifts, depending on your cosmetic goals. Call now for an appointment in West Bloomfield, MI, and start your facelift journey. We understand that the decision to undergo a facelift can be intimidating, but we are here to guide you through every step of the process.

What kind of facelifts do you offer?

At Bloomfield Plastic Surgery, we offer different facelift procedures to cater to your specific concerns. These include:

  • Full facelift: A "traditional" facelift is reserved for people with advanced signs of aging. The incision for a full facelift begins near the hairline and then extends down to the temples and behind the ears. We may combine this procedure with an eyelid lift or neck lift for a more complete rejuvenation.
  • Mid-facelift: The mid-facelift targets the middle portion of the face, including the cheekbones and upper jaw. It also works well for improving the lower two-thirds of the face and jowls. The incisions are usually made in natural creases to minimize unwanted scarring.
  • Lower facelift: The lower facelift generally focuses on the neck and chin region. Dr. Sosa may suggest liposuction to remove excess fat that creates a double chin. This facelift is suitable for individuals who have smaller, localized concerns.
  • Mini facelift: A mini facelift is a less invasive option for those with mild signs of aging. It involves smaller incisions around the ears to elevate the skin around the mouth and jawline.

Which facelift is right for me?

There is no one "perfect" facelift for everyone. During a consultation at Bloomfield Plastic Surgery in West Bloomfield, MI, Dr. Sosa will assess your unique facial structure and determine the best possible approach. Factors like age, skin elasticity, and facial fat distribution will also be taken into consideration before moving forward with surgery.

Do facelift results look natural?

Some patients are concerned that cosmetic surgery will leave them with an overly tight or "pulled" appearance. However, at Bloomfield Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide outcomes that only enhance your natural features. Dr. Sosa uses advanced techniques and carefully plans incisions to ensure that scarring can be hidden and results are seamless.

Should I choose a surgical or nonsurgical facelift?

Though a nonsurgical facelift may seem like an attractive option, patients should understand that wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers will not provide the same long-lasting results as a surgical facelift. Plus, they are not suitable for more advanced signs of aging, like sagging skin. A surgical facelift is a comprehensive, long-lasting solution that addresses multiple concerns at once

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At Bloomfield Plastic Surgery, we believe in helping you look and feel your best at any age. If you are interested in a facelift to rejuvenate your appearance, call to schedule an appointment in West Bloomfield, MI. Whether you choose a full facelift, mid-facelift, lower facelift, or mini facelift, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Julio M. Sosa can walk you through your options and create a personalized treatment plan.

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