Achieve Fuller-Looking Breasts with Breast Augmentation

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Small or flat breasts can be a source of insecurity for many women. This is because the size of our breasts is often associated with femininity and attractiveness. If you feel dissatisfied with your silhouette, you may have considered breast implants or a fat transfer. Breast augmentation is a great way to achieve a fuller-looking bustline in West Bloomfield, MI.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Julio M. Sosa specializes in breast augmentation and has helped many women achieve their desired appearance. Call Bloomfield Plastic Surgery to book a consultation and learn more about this popular procedure.

Do you have a less-than-desirable breast size?

Unfortunately, not everyone has their ideal breast size or shape. Some women have naturally small or asymmetrical breasts, while others experience changes in their breasts over time. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations all contribute to issues such as a loss of natural volume.

Small breasts can make it difficult to find form-fitting clothing like shapewear. Instead of relying on padded bras or push-up inserts, breast augmentation can give you a fuller and more balanced bustline.

How does breast augmentation work?

Bloomfield Plastic Surgery offers two main types of breast augmentation in West Bloomfield, MI. The first involves surgically placing silicone or saline implants under the natural breast tissue or chest muscle. This method allows for some dramatic outcomes. Because breast implants come in various sizes and shapes, patients can choose one that suits their unique needs.

The second method is called a fat transfer. Dr. Sosa removes fat from a part of your body where you have excess (like the abdomen or thighs) and injects it into the breasts to increase their size and shape. Women choose a fat transfer when they prefer to use their own tissue instead of an implant.

Which method will provide fuller-looking breasts?

Both methods of breast augmentation provide fantastic results. However, not everyone is a suitable candidate for both procedures. A consultation is the best way to determine which is best for your desired outcomes. During this appointment, Dr. Sosa can discuss your medical history, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals. Patients can also look at before-and-after photos to get a better idea of what can be achieved.

In addition to providing fuller-looking breasts, breast augmentation offers an array of benefits. These include improved self-esteem, increased confidence, and enhanced body proportions. Dr. Sosa will ensure you're fully informed about all aspects of surgery before moving forward.

How much fuller will my breasts look after surgery?

The amount of fullness you achieve after breast augmentation depends on a few factors, including the type of surgery you choose, your body type and shape, breast implant size, and other preferences. Of course, women should not expect to go from an A cup to a DD cup overnight. The goal is to enhance your proportions and give you a more balanced, confident look. This may mean going up a cup size or two, but the exact amount of fullness will be discussed during your consultation.

Get the bustline you've always wanted

Small or flat breasts don't have to be a source of insecurity. Discover the benefits of breast augmentation today. If you're considering breast implants or a fat transfer in West Bloomfield, MI, contact Bloomfield Plastic Surgery to see board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Julio M. Sosa. Don't wait any longer to start looking and feeling great.

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